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Selcuklu 42250 Istanbul Road, Konya / TURKEY

Distance from the city centre Distance from Konya Airport Distance from bus terminal Access Number of rooms Number of suites
15 km. 6 km. 6 km.

by taxi, bus, minibus and tramway

268 10

Rixos Konya enjoys a location that adds value to your stay, as it is situated in close distance from the airport, city centre and bus terminal.  With its green area of 100.000 sqm, on which looms the 30-storey modern building, you will feel the privileges of comfort, convenience and luxury wrapped in history and culture. You will live up to the spirit of the city.  Rixos Konya competently combines the privilege of being appreciated as one of the top 5-star hotels in the city with the tolerance culture of Mevlana.


Recognised as one of the most developed cities in Turkey, Konya is one of main centres of production and trade in Anatolia. Apart from the level of development, its history has rendered the city a world-famous one. As the historical capital of the Anatolian Seljuk and the Karamans, the city is characterized by Mevlana. Seb-i Arus Festivals that last for a week, with the main date of 17th December every year, attract the Mevlana enthusiasts from all four corners of the world.

The cultural and historical treasures of the city are equally admirable. During the excavations, a multitude of prehistoric settlements were discovered within the provincial boundaries. The most famous out of the dozens of hill towns is Catalhoyuk, which was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Konya is accessible by land, by air and by railroad. The distance between Konya and the capital Ankara was reduced to 1 hour and 45 minutes thanks to the Ankara-Konya high speed train.  Konya is also a significant junction of highways in Anatolia. The city opens up to the world through its international airport.

Mevlana Museum
Konya Archaeological Museum
Konya Ataturk's House Museum
Karatay Madrasah (China Tiling Museum)
Sırçalı Madrasah (Mausoleum Museum)
Ince Minaret (Stone and Wood Works Museum)
Konya Ethnography Museum
Konya Izzet Koyunoglu City Museum
Ivriz Kaya Monument
Ak Monastery
Sille Ayaelena Museum
Eflatunpınar Hittite Monument
Kilistra Ancient City
Seljuk Mansion
Kubadabad Palace

Konya International Airport

Opened for the civil air traffic in 2000, Konya Airport is established on 141.000 sqm. With its terminals for domestic and international flights, the airport provided services to nearly 1 million passengers per year according to the statistics of the year 2013.

Vali Ahmet Kayhan Avenue, 42100 Selcuklu / Konya

Phone : +90 332 239 13 43