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You will love doing sports at Rixos Konya...

Rixos Konya Health Club is recognised as one the largest with its 5.000 sqm area in total. You can pick any sports branch for your health and for your form.

The fitness centre is equipped with modern exercise instruments; outdoor/indoor olympic and semi-olympic swimming pools, turf football pitch, tennis courts, riding centres, squash hall and running track under the provision of professional coaches and trainers will help you to shape up and keep fit. 



Swimming Pools

There are two swimming pools, one being an indoor pool and the other being an outdoor pool at Rixos Konya. The outdoor swimming pool in compliance with the full olympic sizes is 140 cm deep in accordance with the international standards. It is available from 08.00 in the morning and 20.00 in the evening, The indoor swimming pool that provides year-round services at Rixos Konya is 140 cm deep, 25 m long and 17 m wide. The pool is available between 07.00 and 23.00; a swimming coach and a lifeguard are on duty between 13.00 and 21.00.

Fitness Centre

The highest quality and luxurious way of keeping fit is Rixos Konya Fitness Centre. Established on a ground of 3500 sqm, the fitness centre will help you shape up and keep fit in the shortest time under the supervision of expert teams and with the help from modern instruments. 

Treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical trainer spinning, rowing, weights in free and fixed areas are available in full. Activities are followed between 18.00 and 19.00 during the weekdays. Step aerobics/crunch and work out sessions are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while spinning sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19.00.

Tennis Courts

There are 1 well-lit tennis courts available in summer season at Rixos Konya. The grounds of the tennis courts are compressed asphalt and are open for service between 08.00 and 22.00.

Football Pitch

Complying with the internationals standards, the turf football pitch offers a real joy of playing. Also professional football teams may use the area for displacement and camp schedules.

Squash Hall

Squash hall complies with the standard sizes and is available for free.

Running Track

The running track has a parquet floor around the hotel. It being in front of the tennis courts and continues until the grass pitch. Estimated length of the running track is 500 m.